2nd  Virginia Regiment
of the Continental Line, NWTA

Revolutionary War Reenactment

Founded 1974 --  based in Chicagoland

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Videos:  2nd Virginia NWTA History, Manual of Arms, Facing Movements, Bullet-making 1, Bullet-making 2,

Cartridge-making, Reenactment Cartridge-making, Band, Medicine, Dentistry, Encampment Tour,  

Blacksmith, Gunsmith, Horses, Large Tent Set-up, Personal Tent Set-up, Spinning Wheel,

New:   Spinning Wheel, Part 2,  Tomahawk Throwing Contest, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Speaks,  

Beekeeping, Fife and Drum Corps, Artillery  Pistol Display/Discussion

Other NWTA vidoes:  Dollinger Farm 2016, Cantigny 2016, Cantigny II 2016

Veterans Cemetery Dedication Video

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